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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

'An Earnest and Spirited discourse on the several Advantages of Sustained Flight' – pyrography work

An Earnest and Spirited Discourse on the Several Advantages of Sustained Flight

For something to add to this blog, which hasn't received much attention lately here is a recently completed pyrography work on Kauri Pine plywood ( Not a true Pine but a native timber of Queensland and also grown in Australia.)

The work is intended for a show coming up soon. It is approximately 300 mm X 210 mm in image size. The second detail image should show the natural size of the work. 

I am hoping to Start designing next month, a lovespoon for my youngest daughter's wedding later in the year. I also hope do some more work on some rough thumbnail sketch designs of lovespoons to bring some of them to a workable design stage. And then there's the botanical art course... and...