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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

'Iron Fence with Sparrows' Pyrography

I have just commenced work on my next pyrography piece 'Iron Fence with Sparrows', which needs to be completed early to mid June.
The design has been penciled onto the hoop pine ply board and the basic line work has been burned in. The two sparrows have been completed, however the lower, male, sparrow needs some subtle changes around the eye area. This would be enough for me to consider starting again, because the eye isn't convincing enough, but there just isn't time.

There will be some other challenging aspects to this work before it is finished, as I intend to include some large areas of blurred dark tone in part of the background, for an intended chiaroscuro effect, plus some other tricky blurred shading in some other background areas. The pictorial effect will depend much on the success of this, but the eyes of the sparrows are going to be no less important.

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