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Friday, March 25, 2011

Pyrography on European Beech Ply 'Compliance'

Just finished 'Compliance', a pyrography picture of a harnessed donkey 280mm X 420mm, on european beech veneered ply, with a small amount of white coloured pencil on highlights.

It's the first time I've tried using coloured pencil and that was because of the beech being just a bit darker than the hoop pine which I've always used in the past. I have another pyrography project to do shortly and I think I will go back to the hoop pine, which is not really a pine at all but a soft white timber native to Queensland, Australia and very suitable for pyrography.

For the next pyrography work I will be doing something a little more along the fantasy line as it will need to be done quickly, because I intend completing an 'in the round' carving project I've been preparing a plasticine model for. This may not be possible as I still have some Illustrations to finish for the book I'm currently illustrating.

After all this I hope to concentrate efforts on some new love spoon designs and also an automata project, that for a long time, has been and still is.., on the drawing board.


  1. wonderful!! What brand of burner do you use? Any favorite pen tips?! I am wanting to get myself a proffesional iron and am looking at the Optima 1 dual burner.

  2. Thank you Larissa, I use an 'Iron Core' Machine but I have a 'Razertip' pen attached to it. The pen is the kind that accepts interchangeable nibs.

    The nibs I use are mostly three.

    (a) a self made nib smooth and rounded but coming to a sharp point, I use this most of the time because It can be manipulated during use to produce any kind of line or shading I wish without changing the nib.

    (b) a flat shader type nib to produce large dark areas more quickly than t6he first nib would.

    (c) a self made Square cut nib for any calligraphy work I may need to do.

    Each of the nibs I use are polished and kept polished during use with a honing paste on a piece of MDF or leather.