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Monday, August 20, 2018

‘Bound Heart’ Lovespoon

This is an introduction to a series I intend to post as a step by step account, of what is shaping up to be, a complex and interesting project of lovespoon design and carving. I envisage that there will be problems to overcome, mishaps to be avoided and some progressive design decisions needed along the way.

The design itself has progressed through successive stages of improvement, with such an investment of interested involvement on the client’s part, that is bound to ensure for them, a level of ownership that surpasses the more usual, off-the-wall/shelf purchase of an art work.

I often produce wood-art and other artwork without having been commissioned and as much as I feel compelled to do that, it is doing the work ‘for somebody’- according to their requirements - that I find the most fulfilling and conducive to artistic expression.

The design for this Lovespoon, is in an art nouveau style overall and includes these elements on the front:
The Welsh Dragon, a heart bound with a golden thread, as having been healed, a daffodil, a rose, a caged ball, celtic knotwork, a celtic cross and waves of the sea ( later expanded to be a puffin in its sea environment).

On the back it is to have acorns and oak leaves, a book and quill-pen and a rugby ball.

In the next post I will outline the process of designing and drawing up the pattern for this Lovespoon.


  1. This is going to be a true masterpiece. I do understand about making something for others and how it can be inspirational. As artist we try to use the symbols that express all the meaning and in using them embrace the meaning trying to infuse it into the work with our heart, hands, mind. I look forward to seeing this series.

    1. Thank you Karin. I guess, - making for someone - is almost always the case with any artistic endeavour. Perhaps it is my illustration background that makes me particularly relish having a brief to work to.

      I think Andy Warhol said something like - 'An artist is someone who makes something for someone because he or she thinks ,for some reason, they should have it'

      When it comes to inspiration, it is seeing other people's work that energises and inspires me most. Thank you again for the inspiration I've had over the years from seeing your work.