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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Working on the Welsh Dragon Section

Work has now commenced on the Welsh Dragon relief on the front of the spoon. This has to be taken very carefully and slowly as any tear-out would be difficult to remedy because there is not much depth available to work into. When this section is complete the rest should be more straight forward.

I have planned to darken the background behind the dragon with a pyrographed texture. This should add an interesting contrast to the fairly white Timber of the spoon while the very white holly on the back will do the same.

There will not be a lot of extra carving on the back in a layered fashion just the reverse of the knot work and a few details on the spoon's stem.

When all the carving is complete and has been refined in parts then the sanding and finishing can be commenced. Until then there is still a fair bit of carving to do which should proceed a bit quicker after the dragon is complete.

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