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Thursday, March 1, 2012

"What you doing Grandad?"'

My grand daughters survey work on the current lovespoon. They've identified some things on the spoon they recognise; first, the dragon – (they recognised it as a dragon as opposed to a dinosaur), then the stars, the butterfly and the 'wiggly bits' ( celtic knotwork ) at the bottom.

Chloe is curious about the swivel...

Keira thinks it's taking a long time.., after all she's already found time to walk away from three requested videos, coloured-in, done some 'Nanna-craft', i.e. colouring cutting and gluing crafts with Nanna, played with the dog and it's still not finished!

The carving of the Welsh Dragon in relief is now finished and I have begun work on the 'wiggly bit' of celtic knot work leading down to the stem of the spoon.

The celtic knot work portion is to be domed in section, both across the spoon and as it tapers toward the stem. the underside of this section will be hollowed out to to leave the curved stem of the spoon standing higher in the centre.

Before taking the stem of the spoon to its final shape I will commence work on the roughing out of the spoon's bowl because any heavy handling and carving needs to be done at the safest time of the carving process.

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