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Friday, March 9, 2012

Ready for Finishing

The carving and shaping with needle files has now been completed and the lovespoon is now ready for final sanding, finishing and polishing.

The finishing process will include three extra features to add contrast and interest to the general appearance of the spoon:

A slightly darker area behind the dragon will be added using the pyrography pen, I will be gilding the interior of the spoon's bowl with 24 carat gold leaf, as I did on an earlier lovespoon and an inlaid heart of a different timber is inserted at the back of the spoon.

The different timber was to be holly but I decided to use Queensland Silver Ash instead as it is also a very white timber like Holly but the Ash will keep the Queensland timber theme.

I had referred to the celtic knot section last time as the 'wiggly bits' mis-quoting my grand daughter as it happens, because apparently, the correct term is 'curly wurlies'. That's another key word I'll need to add I suppose.

The Queensland Silver Ash inlay, only showing the slightest contrast at present, should become just slightly more prominent when the finishing and polishing are complete as the different chatoyance of the timbers is brought to life by the finish.


  1. Just... wow. Nifty inlay, and I like that it's on the back, too. But, I think my favorite part is that um... folded?-looking part on the back of the bowl. Can't even explain why - it's just plain pleasing. Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments Mack and Laura. The back of the spoon is where you get to make things up as you go.

    I am experimenting with the way one surface transitions into another and how interesting edges and fairings show up in the process. Practical issues aren't relevant in a purely decorative object like a lovespoon, so anything that looks good is worth trying.