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Monday, January 22, 2018

A Couple of 'On-Hold' Projects with Future Step by Step Instructional Descriptions to Come

Here are the beginning stages of the hobbit Hole Diorama – A gift requested by my son and the beginnings of a fish automata. Both of these projects are on hold  while I work on a lovespoon commission. 

Please excuse the state of the text in this post  - Blogger is allowing me no control over it at the moment almost always upper case  for some reason.

My intention is to post an instructional step by step description  of the design and making processes of each of these projects. First with the lovespoon in my next post here, and then with progress on the diorama and automata projects from time to time as I am able to continue with them.

The Hobbit Hole Diorama begins as a pencil sketch refined to a black line drawing which was finally rendered as a watercolour and coloured pencil painting. this painting itself was a bit of an experiment with a black ink wash grisaille underpainting stage colourised with watercolour and coloured pencil. The painting isn't finished as a seperate work because I rendered the underpainting far too dark. This could be fixed with levels in Photoshop well enough to use as a pattern for the diorama but I lost interest in developing the painting any further as it is.

The Diorama is something new to me and has involved some experimenting with materials and methods  resulting in some things being kept and others discarded as the work progresses. For this reason the project is a 'design/learning/construction' exercise that I hope will also be instructional as well as I get back to it from time to time demonstrating step by step progress.


Likewise the Fish Automata will also be a design on-the-fly exercise that I hope to write up from time to time as an instructional step by step. In the mean time my next series of posts will be the design and carving of a lovespoon that will feature an 'in the round' dragon carving as the dominant part of the design.




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