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Monday, January 22, 2018

The Rendered Lettering for The Black and White Graphics Title Page (on www.whimsicalwood.com website)

Partly as a test to see if the formatting, layout and font problems have gone away as I use Blogger   (they are beyond me to solve) I am posting this WIP of some graphic lettering rendered in various types and brands of carbon, charcoal and black coloured pencils. The Graphic is intended as one of the title pages on my website when I get round to updating it. 

It is also an experimental exercise in using these new materials and media thus learning how they handle. Then I can describe any subsequent graphic work that I do with them in a systematic and usefully instructive ( I always hope ) way.

Graphite pencil drawing has always been a stand by for me and though I am generally thinking of coloured work as the main goal, I do find black, white and grey work appealing in its own right. The problem with graphite to my taste is the sheen that inevitably appears in dark passages however deftly it is applied. 

Carbon, Charcoal and black coloured pencils seem to solve this problem with deep rich matt blacks and lighter areas, admittedly not as delicate as harder graphite can produce but with an inner sparkle reminiscent of very fine pen and ink stippling.

The experimenting and learning as I intermittently work on these rendered lettering projects is a bit too piece-meal to describe meaningfully and usefully in an instructional sense at the moment but I do intend to do some larger woks in this medium that I will write up as step by step descriptions of the design and working processes. 

The next post will be part of step by step series of posts on the carving of the ‘large Dragon’ Lovespoon interspersed with some other ongoing project progress.  

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