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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I have been constantly delighted to see examples on the web of stunningly inspiring pieces of work in all kinds of crafts. It is also a delight to witness the enthusiasm shown by people, beginners and expert, in all stages of the journey they are undertaking in their craft. I am especially appreciative of those that generously publish their progress, their processes of design, their methods of work, tools used, mistakes, remedies and successes for the benefit of others. Having benefited so much from this myself I would like to attempt a contribution of the same kind. So I am intending to Show my own progress in various woodcraft projects in this blog, in the hope that you will find it helpful for your own work, or for you to help me with mine. My interest is in many different kinds of woodcraft but in particular the hand-carving of Welsh love-spoons. I am only a beginner at this fine art of love-spoon carving, as I have only made two love-spoons so far. However I'm almost convinced that if ever a craft was the proper domain for beginners, then carving welsh love-spoons was it. Surely love-spoon carving, by the very nature of the case, was mostly carried out by beginners, a labour of love to produce an extravagant gift. I will soon be posting on this blog the beginnings of my first commissioned Welsh love-spoon, so it may seem strange that I am starting with some pyrography work. It is some work that I need to finish soon so that's where I will have to start.

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