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Monday, March 22, 2010

This is a sketch of the preliminary design for the 'Cariad' welsh love-spoon, my first commissioned carving. The spoon is for a Canadian and American couple of Celtic descent, ( Irish and Scottish ). It is in memory of their son Roman and loved one (Cariad), a mechanical engineer who had worked in Wales where he had enjoyed hiking and scrambling in the welsh mountains.

The front of the spoon will show, at the top, Mt Tryfan with the sun behind it, carved in shallow relief and enclosed in a ring frame. The iron gate in front of the mountain motif is after an actual gate that can be seen at the foot of Mt Tryfan. The continuous celtic knot represents the couple's celtic background and the mechanical elements; the pinion, gear wheel and connecting rod, signify the mechanical engineering profession.

The Welsh word 'Cariad' carved as insular script letters, roughly translates as 'loved one' and overlays the central portion of the spoon.

Finally the small ring encircling the stem of the spoon above the bowl, represents the 'Iron Ring' which is of particular significance to Canadian engineers and a reminder of their professional responsibilities.

A further element to be added to the design will be the inclusion of canadian geese. This was the suggestion of the couple commissioning the spoon, as they felt a desire for the representation of some living things on the spoon, to balance the mechanical and inorganic elements. They also related to me the unique significance canadian geese had for them after they had given their son a toy canadian goose in token of their connection when he first left home.

This was an excellent suggestion of course, as it will add meaning to the spoon and improve the design as well. The challenge will now be incorporating the new elements. I will be travelling throughout April and hope to be able to post the new design at the end of April.

The Iron Ring worn by canadian engineers can be seen here above the bowl of the spoon.

'Cariad' ( meaning 'loved one' ) in Insular script, placed across the gearwheel and pinion in the centre of the spoon.

Mount Tryfan and the gate at the foot of Mt Tryfan carved in reief at the top of the spoon.

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